The Eternal War is set in the world of Banaal, named for Bane the God of War who watches over the planet. This world was set up as a proving ground between the gods.

Each planet in the solar system revolves around Pelor, the Sun God. Each planet that revolves around Pelor is the home to a specific race. The exception is Banal. Banal was set up so that the gods could fight amongst each other for a prize that is as of yet has not been won. Each god has his or her sights set upon the Throne of Ages, which will allow whomever sits upon it to become the king or queen of the gods.

Banaal is no one’s home world, and only creatures with ties to other planes can even dream of escaping it. Creatures from the Feywild or the Shadowrealm may have ties to those realms, but some of them choose to stay on Banaal for the “fun and excitement.”

For a god to win the Throne of Ages, he must control all of the territories of Banaal. This war has just started. Each race has recently gravitated toward the terrain most closely resembling their home world. The civilized, “good” Races include humans, dwarves, eladrin, elves, halflings, gnomes, and devas. The rest of the races are either chaotic and “evil” or somewhere in between. Which facet of this war will you be on?

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The Eternal War